[FreeVMS] Re: New release 0.0.54

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: New release 0.0.54
From: Roger Tucker (roger.tucker@mci.com)
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 23:08:35 CEST

Very knowledgeable VMS bigot who happens to know VMS internals and I would
like to help..., but not sure where to start. I have a little time, but not
too much... I'm learning Linux and have installed Debian Linux, but now I'm
upgrading to RedHat Fendora.

Hope to start in a few weeks when I get up to speed on Linux.
What version of the kernal do I need and is there a document that helps
people get started?

Is there a list of goals for the free VMS project?
I know this might be a very difficult goal, but wouldn't one goal be to not
break Linux?
That way, you could take advantage of all the programmers working in the
Linux world?

What about a news group for the project?

Just a few thoughts...
Roger Tucker

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