From: mabel guie (
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 23:44:22 CEST

Dearest ,
 I felt greatly impressed contacting you. l want you to understand that my contact with you is not by accident but devinely programmed by God Almighty, thou we are still to get to the pick of the matter. It is true that we have not known each other for the first time but just getting to know one another which I strongly beleive that it will take us to great relationship financially and otherwise. Before I continue with my discussion with you, let me introduce myself in details. Since I am still a little girl and don't know much about this transaction, I am counting on your ability to assist me, all I need from you is your sincererity and honesty. God being our guid.
I am the first daughter of the ex-military/ ex-president been an opposition party to the present Government of COTE D`IVOIRE. On the 19th sept 2002 my father/mother including every members of our family was murdered by the unknown REBELS during the time they attack our house by shooting and looting, even this is one of the things that contributed to the present crisis in our country today. It pains my heart to tell this storry but I most to save myself from suffering and sorrow.
God so kind I was not in town when the incident occurred, the plans of the REBELS is to kill every members of our family so that no one will rise up to revenge as time goes on. I am in our country without any one knowing although I am on hiding so that the unknown REBELS will not get to me and kill me like they killed all the members of our family. Why I am still staying back in our country is to transfer the $4.5million U.S.dollars which, my late father deposited in the custody of a leading bank here in Abidjan, he deposited the fund with the name of my younger brother who was killed in the rioth as the next of KIN while he used the name of one of his foriegn partner as the beneficiary of the fund because he wanted to transfer the fund abroad before his untimely death.
Before the death of my father he gave me the covering documents of the
fund deposited in the Bank, as I am his first daughter and he so much loved me with trust that was why he handed this documents to me for safe keeping. Currently the amount in the bank which I am having the documents is $4.5mUSD. Right now I wish to transfer this fund to you so that you will assist me leave this country and to invest the money into any viable sector in your country, also you will help me to join you in your country for me to start up a new life with you there immediately the fund gets to your account as I am willing to continue with my education too. Since I am no longer safe as far as Africa is concern at the moment, I wanted to transfer the fund before leaving the country because this fund is my last hope and the only hope I have now. I don't know how we will go about it but I hope hearing from you before I can know which decission to make next. I will like you to stand as the foriegn beneficiary of the fund, as I will officially introduce you as the new
 beneficiary to enable the bank transfer this fund to your name to your country from here before I come to join you. Like I said, all I need from you is your kindness and sincererity in all we do, I will be willing to trust all this into your care provided you promised taking care of me because I don't have anyone to run to.

Before I even pick you to assist me I have prayed and slept over it asking God to provide for me a Godly minded person that will assist me in this transaction that was the reason why it took me some time to reply your email today. I will give you more details and the bank information in my next email. Including the documents and my pictures.

Awaiting to here from you.
Thanks and God bless you.
Mabel Guie

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