[FreeVMS] New release 0.0.58

Subject: [FreeVMS] New release 0.0.58
From: Roar Thronæs (roart@nvg.ntnu.no)
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 17:48:16 CEST


New release 0.0.58 at
ftp.nvg.ntnu.no:/pub/vms/freevms (freevms-0_0_58.tgz and linker-0_0_57)
(Linker might not change each time)
New version of Bliss, version 0.004, is also available.

Strings and numeric literals, PLIT, some loop conditionals and exitloop,
labeled blocks and leave, new addressing and block value implementation.

Support for automatic download and compilation of bliss now included,
though it is not (yet) used directly in FreeVMS.
Now routines for 2 disk images are supported (for clustering).

Clustering now "works".

Bugs fixed:
Double kfree in terminal driver might have caused problems (but not
tested too much yet).

Bliss make check-bliss has as default summary 297/12/4, but may have
some extra failures etc on little-endian (due to developing on big-endian).
Clustering is tested on bochs; it works with CONFIG_VMS, but without
it gets some problems with a timer.
Clustering "works", meaning two boxes know and can talk to each other, but
mount and stop needs some work before they work as before.

Roar Thronæs

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