Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 14:18:12 CEST

Dear Sir.

How are you and things with you in generally.My name is Yusuf Usman.I am
a Sudanese by Nationality.

I am contacting you for help,I have with me the sum of 19.59(USD) Which
my late father deposited with a storage finance house here in accra Ghana.

I will want to know from you if it is possible for you to receive this money
for us And my father deposited another 12.3 million (USD) in London with
a finance company for safe keeping.The company do not know that the money
is in the box that was deposited with them contain cash inside,as it was
dposited as a family belngings valued that amount.I can arrange for the
fund in accra ghana to be sent to the london company so that you can receive
both money at once or if you want us to take it one after the other please
let me know.

Please.I my request is granted.I wil make all arrangement for the transfer
of the money to you safely.All the documents xovering the depositing of
the money is with me here in accra ghana.I am prepared to forward the documents
to you,I want you to send to me your direct telephone and fax number so
that i can forward the documents to you.

You can reply me on this email address please


Your's faithfully
Yusuf Usman

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