[FreeVMS] Re: Null Termination & Optional Arguments

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: Null Termination & Optional Arguments
From: Edward Brocklesby (ejb@goth.net)
Date: Sun Dec 28 2003 - 13:28:45 CET

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 11:14, Roar Thronæs wrote:
> > B: I been a little concerned about the use of the linux C string function
> > calls since they all expect null termination, but I hope when we write the C
> > compiler these little problems will go away :-)

> Doesn't C on VMS expect null termination, too?

The C library on VMS is identical to the C library on any other ANSI C
compliant system (Unix, Windows, ...), except for the POSIX and Unix
extensions which are identical (mostly) to their Unix equivalents. It
uses normal C null terminated strings and descriptors don't come into
it. They are only used for VMS-specific system services and library
routines (which ofc. do not exist on Linux/glibc).


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