[FreeVMS] Coding Standard

Subject: [FreeVMS] Coding Standard
From: Andrew Allison (freevms@sympatico.ca)
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 05:40:39 CEST


Part 1:

    Just to clarify / confirm the coding standard for all Library routines
before I proceed / continue down the garden path. ( Disclaimer: I don't care
which is picked both have merits :-)

    Currently the routines that are located in freevms/librtl/src are in the
format of ...

    example: LIB$ADDX or lib_addx

    FreeVMS functions - Standard Functions

    External file name lib_addx.c Lower case 1
    Internal function name lib$addx Lower case 1 Dollar
    Symbols / Const SS$_NORMAL Upper case 1 Dollar sign

    Utility / helper functions

    External file name lib__copy_fill.c Lower case 2
    Internal function name lib$$copy_fill Lower case 2
Dollar signs
    Symbols / Const STR$_NORMAL Upper case 1 Dollar sign


        Should we be using C style or VMS style.

        Should the external file name be the same as internal function


        External file name LIB$ADDX.c Really something
like LIB\$ADDX.c when your typing
        Internal function name LIB$ADDX
        Symbols / Constants SS$_NORMAL

    It will cause a lot of back slashes and double dollar signs in file
names and Makefiles but it would be more VMS'ish.

Side Note:

                  I would like to restructure the directories a bit under
librtl and add some other sub directories namely STR$, MTH$, LIB$, util,
testing etc. or it's going to get very messy. Haven't picked a favorite yet.

    Either break librtl into librtl/STR$/src librtl/MTH$/src
librtl/LIB$/src or
                                     librtl/src/STR$ librtl/src/MTH$

Writers Note: Maybe I should settle for part 1 and let a few MONTHS
pass, even before considering part 2.
                            There is a lot of typing involved :-)

Part 2:

   What version of VMS should the library strive for? ( Maybe this question
should be answered in 2005 :-)

   Strive for the most up to date of list of functions or a workable subset
then add as required? Should time be spent now writing 64 bit code or
Multilingual functions.

    i.e. STR_ANALYZE_SDESC and


Just my 2 cents worth


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