[FreeVMS] Chronicles of a FreeVMS 0.0.48 Install Chapter 4

Subject: [FreeVMS] Chronicles of a FreeVMS 0.0.48 Install Chapter 4
From: Andrew Allison (freevms@sympatico.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 17:07:53 CEST


            I think selecting the appropriate options in the menuconfig step
is key to the whole procedure

    Well I think we (Thanks Zakaria) have developed a quick and repeatable
install procedure.

    If I missed any steps the following post(s) will correct it :-)

    Quite simple once you get the steps right. (Isn't it always)

    Note Number 1 - Select the right CPU for your machine or you have what
I'm sure is to become a FAQ.

    Question: I compiled and install the kernel. As soon as my computer
begins to boot with the new kernel, my machine reboots.
    Answer: You probability selected the wrong CPU in the make config

    While were at it number 2

    Question: My computer looks like it booting normally except You get
the error:
                        I have no root and I want to scream.
    Answer: You have to change the line:
                             root=/LABEL to root=/dev/hd??
                     where ?? is your appropriate / partition in your lilo
or grub conf file.

My steps to a successful install ( I hope I didn't miss any )

Part 1
    tar -xvzf free-0_0_48.tgz
    cd ./freevms/linux/
    cd ..
    make install
    cp -rpv rooti386/ /

Part 2 - The config process

    cd linux
    make menuconfig

    Processor type
                Select the correct one.
    General Setup
                Remove PCI support

                    Remove IDE/ATAPI CdRom Support


Part 3

    make dep
    make bzImage

    Error about modversions.h

    make update-modverfile
    make bzImage

Part 4

    make modules
    make modules_install
    make install

Part 5 Edit Grub or Lilo conf file

    For Grub

    change the line root=/LABEL to
                           root=/dev/hd?? (?? your appropriate /
partition )

    For Lilo

    change the line root=/LABEL=/ to
                            root=/dev/hd?? (?? your appropriate /
    change the line initrd to

      Issue command
                         /sbin/lilo -v

Part 6 Run level

    Change your run level to 3 (we don't want X Window to start up)

Part 7

    Reboot and cross your fingers

Part 8

    Login and cd /rooti386/sys$common/sys$exe

    And run DCL

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