[FreeVMS] Fw: Chronicles Of A FreeVMS 0.0.48 Install - Chapter 1

Subject: [FreeVMS] Fw: Chronicles Of A FreeVMS 0.0.48 Install - Chapter 1
From: Andrew Allison (freevms@sympatico.ca)
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 16:21:13 CEST


    I'm hoping to document my install process of FreeVMS, such that others
may learn / assist me with the install process.

    This chronicle are all taken by hand during the install process so be
prepared for typo's and short hand abbreviations for the prompts and


            Equipment and Environment

            Modified IBM Aptiva Type 2168 Model M41

            Ram 80 Meg
            Speed 75 MHz
            CPU Intel Pentium 1
            Network 3C509C Etherlink III
            Chipset OPTi Viper 82C556M/557/558M
            Sound Yamaha YMF724F
            Video Trident 9680
            Floppy Chip FDC 37C993
            CD Rom Toshiba XM-5702B

            Redhat 9.0 2.3.2.-5
            Linux kernel 2.4.20-8
            gcc version 3.2.2 20030202 Redhat 3.2.2-5
            make version 3.79.1

    Chapter 1

Housekeeping and setting up environment

    Create a normal user account andrewa
    copy freevms-0_0_48.tgz to /home/andrewa
    tar -xvzf freevms-0_0_48.tgz

So we have an expand source tree.
Following the HOWTO located in /home/andrewa/freevms/linux

    cd /home/andrewa/freevms/linux

So far so good, something happened. Following the last command of prescript
> do a make in ..

    cd ..

    Chug chug chug lots of stuff
    Done Last Line> Leaving directory /home/andrewa/freevms/examples

Next Step from the HOWTO do a make install

    make install

    Chug more stuff
    Done Last Line> Leaving directory /home/andrewa/freevms/examples

Now things get a little cryptic. From the HOWTO file

    Copy the resulting file from root/ .

    Question: What files
                    What root
                    What slash and is that a period or the current
                     And to where?


    I see some new directories

    Oh well, Nothing looks to interesting in these directories.
    My resulting action, when in doubt Ignore and press on.

    Jumping to the bottom of the HOWTO looks interesting,
    Seems to be an extra step to be taken

    cp -p ~/.config .

    Hum? Interesting command

    Looking for a .config anywhere leads to the conclusion. I don't have
    Oh well, When in doubt Ignore and press on.

    From the upper part of the HOWTO...
    Linker stuff Nope not interested, maybe later
    UserMode Linux Nope not interested, maybe later.

    Now we are presented with 2 ways to start make the kernel
    1: make menuconfig
    2: just issue command make bzImage

    In my case I did a make bzImage and just accepted the defaults
    ( I have them all written down if someone really wants 4 pages of

    Note: Poor house keeping. My notes are a little cryptic.
    I wrote down> Next run make dep never had a chance were off.
    I going to have to assume that after I answered Kernel Hacking Debugging
    The procedure continued on its own.

    The make process died.


        make[1] Entering directory /home/andrewa/freevms/linux/kernel
        make all targets
        make [2] Entering directory /home/andrewa/freevms/linux/kernel
        make [2] No rule to make target
/home/andrewa/freevms/linux/include/linux/modversions.h needed by vmssched.o
        make [2] Leaving dir /home/andrewa/freevms/linux/kernel
        make [1] ***[first_rule] Error 2
        make [1] Leaving directory /home/andrewa/freevms/linux/kernel
        make *** [_dir_kernel] Error 2

    Back to the HOWTO and issue the command

       make update_modverfile


        /home/andrewa/freevms/linux/include/linux/modversions.h was updated.

    Were making progress.

       Let's try this again.

            make bzImage

      Dies again, something about no rule to make target.


        Options: Do I create a Makefile or just comment it out and press on.

        Well I decide to create a Makefile, basically I copy one and modify
it for this file
        O_Target := os.o

         make bzImage were off, no were not, dies again
        complaining about atm

        Ok, now I'm impatient, I going to comment out the offending line in
the Makefile located in

        #subdir-$(CONFIG_ATM) += atm

        Now I find out I going to be commenting out a LOT of offending lines
in various Makefiles

        Hope my notes are accurate, but I know there not. these are the
steps as I encountered them so

        NOTE: to look at bottom of message. At some point I had to edit some
source files, I just can't remember when I had to do it.



    OK we now have a working
    make dep (or so I thought.)

    Next Step more or less in order.

    make bzImage

    dead again, cannot open drivers/video/video.o

     Solution, I have to uncomment one of the lines I commented out in the


    make dep

     Dead again no rule to make target fbmem.c
        Edit the makefile located in /home/andrewa/linux/drivers/video
        and comment out all lines of the format obj-$(~~~) += ~~~~
        except vgacon.o

    run make dep again. dead again.
    Edit the makefile again located in /home/andrewa/linux/drivers/video
    comment out current export-objs and added a new one
    export-objs := vgacon.o

    Lets make bzImage again.


    My note keeping gets me into hot water again...
    I got this page where I have to edit some of the program files


       error message timer_ack undeclared in function exe$hwclkint
                                  i8259A_lock undelcared

    added lines of code in the variable section

                extern int timer_ack
                extern spinlock_t i8259A_lock

    vmsirq complains of multiple definitions of irq_mis_count

    well lets blindly change it's occurences irq_mis_count2


     after several hours Success

    I got the message
        Root device (22,2)
        Boot sector 512
        Setup 2548
        System 618

    Well folks that's where I'm at.

Later Andrew

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