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Subject: {Spam?} HELLO
From: LAWRENCE UBAH (labah@servihoo.com)
Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 11:23:05 CEST

 From the desk of:
Dr. Lawrence Ubah,
Email: labah@fsmail.net
Lagos, Nigeria.


It is my humble pleasure to write this letter irrespective
of the fact that we've not met. After due deliberation
with my colleagues, we have decided to forward to you this
business proposal.

I am extending this business proposal to you in my
capacity as Chief Accountant and in full agreement with
the Audio-General of this company N.L.N.G. (Nigerian
Liquefied Natural Gas). We scrutinized all records and
accounts of awarded, executed and commission contracts of
this company (NLNG) during the previous military regimes
since the inception of democracy in Nigeria and carefully
uncovered and mapped out a whopping sum of USD14.5M
(Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars) which we want to transfer into your account as
the beneficiary.

It might interest you to know that Nigeria Liquefied
Natural Gas came into full working capacity during the
inception of current civilian dispensation at a
working/asset capacity of USD3Billion and will defiantly
gulp more USD2Billion on the completion of the fifth part.
You can authentically apply for supply if it interest you
to be our client with full guarantee from me. The money
USD14.5M has been approved for payment by this company
NLNG, Federal ministry of Finance (endorsed by the
Accountant General of the Federation) and to be paid by
the Apex Bank of Nigeria under contract number

As top civil/public servant, under the Nigerian Code of
Conduct Bureau, we are not authorized to operate foreign
bank account hence our decision to solicit your assistance
in this manner and regard on full trust and confidence to
transfer this money to a foreign account. We have accepted
you as our foreign partner and will regularize the
approvals to reflect you as the true beneficiary of the
contract Sum USD14.5M (Fourteen million, Five Hundred
Thousand united states dollars). This transaction is very
much free from all sorts of RISKS and TROUBLE from my
Government. We the N.L.N.G officials involved in this deal
have put in many years in service to this Ministry. We
have long been exercising patience for approval to be
granted and to most of us this is a life time opportunity
we cannot afford to miss. You need not to worry about the
responsibilities of transferring this fund into your
account, because all the administrative step, modalities
and logistics needed for the transfer of this fund into
your designated bank account has been worked out. Be
further informed that everyone's interest and security had
been considered before you were contacted, so be rest
assured and feel free to go into this transaction with us.

We have agreed to COMPENSATE you duly if agreement is
reached by both of us and I and one of my colleagues
involved in this deal will come to your country to arrange
for our share, upon the confirmation from you that the
money has been credited into your nominated bank account.

Consequent upon your acceptance of this proposal, kindly
confirm your interest by a revert email to the above email
account labah@fsmail.net by providing your phone and fax
number for more informative discussions. Your indication
by revert email to me of your sincere and serious interest
will enable me send you or brief you of the PROCEDURES FOR

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation as I
anxiously await your response with hope that you
understand the confidential nature of this transfer.

Best Regards,
Dr. Lawrence Ubah.
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