[FreeVMS] DCL help

Subject: [FreeVMS] DCL help
From: Talukdar, Nipun (nipun.talukdar@digital.com)
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 12:14:46 CEST

I just want to know , if the "HELP" verb is implemented
in freeVMS , as I glanced through "DCL" code for freeVMS
I found "HELP" is not implemented. If somebody is working
on "HELP" kindly let us know.
Privileged user should be able to insert new modules in
HELPLIB.HLB ( standrad HELP library in OpenVMS ) or remove
modules from the library. Again in when inserting/deleting
modules from HELPLIB, all user stop using help at that time.

HELP command should display what is there in HELPLIB.

Nipun Talukdar

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