[FreeVMS] Re: Anyone need Internet access to a VAX?

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: Anyone need Internet access to a VAX?
From: Matthew Sell (msell@ontimesupport.com)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 18:24:44 CEST


The offer is still open.

I just got one of my Linux boxen to "set terminal" to my VAX 4000-500A, and
it seems happy.

I have a *lot* of VAX software to start backing up on CDROM, so I plan on
keeping this "link" alive.

Drop me a line at: msell@pdq.net if you would like access to some VAXen
for research and educational purposes. Sorry - my license does not allow
for commercial work.... : )

         - Matt

Matthew Sell
On Time Support, Inc.
(281) 296-6066

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