[FreeVMS] Re: New release 0.0.13

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: New release 0.0.13
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 11:01:00 CEST

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 03:53:39PM +0200, BERTRAND JoŽl wrote:
> roart@nvg.ntnu.no wrote:
> >
> > Features under work since last:
> > I/O: qio, dudriver and such. Being the only developer, do not expect
> > to see anything useful in some years (at best a one-digit number).
> > (Take that as a hint for more developers)
> I agree. I haven't time enough to continue DCL if I stay alone (I have a
> lot of work in my office...). But maybe can I help you to write some
> little parts of the kernel.

Maybe it will help if subtasks are specified?

    Suggested order:
        CLI, LBR
        CDU, MSG
        DCL itself, with Internal Procedures

        CLI Command Language Interface routines No kernel stuff
                $ help cli
        LBR librarian No kernel stuff (I think)
                $ help lbr
        CDU Command Definition Utility No kernel stuff (I think)
                $ help set command
        MSG message No kernel stuff (I think)
                $ help rtl lib lib$signal
                $ help message
        Internal procedures possible now, some can be developed independently
                =, assign, call, create/name_table, deassign, define,
                delete/symbol, eod, exit, gosub, goto, if/then/else/endif,
                inquire, on, read, recall, return, set control, set prompt,
                set symbol, set [no]verify, show symbol, show time,
                show translation, stop, write

        Internal procedures for later (kernel dependent)
                allocate, attach, cancel, close, connect, continue,
                deallocate, debug, deck, define/key, delete/key, deposit,
                disconnect, eoj, examine, open, set default, set key,
                set [no]on, set output_rate, set protection, set uic,
                show default, show key, show protection, show quota,
                show status, spawn, wait

        Also see:
                Look up DCL in the Internals book.
                Mainly Process Dynamics chapter.

A lot DCL needs (also besides from internal procedures) seems to depend
on the kernel, so that will be done later.

Speaking of participation:
Is FreeVMS doomed from the beginning, due to a culture difference?
The culture being people expecting a finished product without contributing
themselves, and without being able to change?

Roar Thronśs

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