Catalogue of internet Business service in Zhenye company

Subject: Catalogue of internet Business service in Zhenye company
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 09:35:04 CET

   Wuhan Zhenye Drinking water Development(LTD) Company was established in 1998. Adhering to the principle of quality, sincere, serving, innovation, we have engaged in the development of water purifying equipment and the diffusing of business information . While achieving great success in posting and diffusing of internet information, We also have accumulated rich experience in this line.
To achieve the aim of sharing internet information resources, we hope to introduce the following service to you.
1,The e-mail address list of enterprises and individuals in all lines. (date base of billions of e-mail address);The e-mail address list of enterprises and individuals in all lies in overseas countries. Billions of e-mail address with high-speed e-mail transferring software for free provided in your needs.
2, Commercial information transferring service. Our high-speed transferring service can send specific information to the e-mail boxes of enterprises and individuals all over the world according to your needs. With the help of our service , you can get everywhere without stepping out of your home. We promise that your information can reach whenever there are internet.
3."purchase at once and free upgrade for all" service,. We provide free service to upgrade and update the e-mail address that you buy.
For detail please contact us! We are 24 hours at your service.
(our e-mail address:
Tel: 0086-027-86796627,86775406,86777009(night)
We promise that the e-mail addresses we provide are and reliable.
We have data-bases that contain billions of e-mail address.
We will provide our best service.
We are definitely the best choice of all the successful men of all ranks in the 21rh century.

Classified lists of business lines in China:

A. Facilities (8740000pieces) price:USD388.00
1. schools 2. hospitals 3.offices4.foreign trade 5.techinique supervision bureau6. asset assessment department 8 safe guard 9 scientific research offices10.horticulture 11. broadcasting stations 12. TV stations 13.publish houses 14 news paper houses 15. film production 16.l go-betweens 17.notarization offices

B.Firms (34640000 pieces) price: USD1200.00
1.machinery and equipment and decoration 3. hardwares 4. electronics 5. computers 6. internet 7. textiles 8 chemistry 9 home-electric appliances 10.clothes 11 real-estate 12 real-estate management 13.printing 14 import and export 15 foods and provisions 16. drinks 17. materials 18 information transferring 19 stores and supermarkets 20 office appliances and stationeries 21 packages 23 publish houses 24. mapping and exploration 25 restaurants 26. caps and shoes 27 air-lines 28 industrial appliances 29.conferences and exhibitions 30.furnitures 31 transportations 32. minerals and metal processing 33.tourist agencies 34 agriculture , forestry, pastoral farming and fishery 35 automobile 36. light industry and art crafts 37. cleanliness 38. social services 39 water , power and heat supplies 40 book stores 41. cigarettes 42 alcohol 43 .medicines and health care 44 . instruments 45. acoustics 46. videos 47.paper industry 48. biology techniques and programmes 49.oil and petroleum 50.internet
usiness 51. entertainment 52. housewares 53, manufacturing 54. plastics.

C. finance(1018000 pieces) price:USD800.00
1. banks 2. stocks and securities 3. investment firms 4. auction 5 entrustment 6. real estate 7 management 8 . advertisement 9 personnel management 10. agencies.

D. Free mail services of websites , representatives of new consumers, enormous resource of business opportunities (4650000pieces) price:USD680.00

International range (10 billion and 5 thousand millions pieces) price:USD1500.00/billion

Asia and pacific: Asia- Hong Kong- Taiwan- Singapore- India- Japan- Korea
America : Canada- Spain- Brazil-Mexico- Argentina-
Europe : Britain, Ireland-France- Germany-Denmark-Norway-Sweden - Spain
Other countries and areas

Purchase Manners:
(1) Account with Bank: 882138
 China Merchants Bank Head Office Shenzhen, China
 Beneficiary's account#: 0027 02434285
 Beneficiary's name: Yujian Zhang
 Tel: 0086-027-86796627
 (2) Account with Bank:
 Bank of Communications Wuhan Branch Dongting Sub Branch
 Beneficiary's account#: 40551260615682401
 Beneficiary's name : Yujian Zhang
 Tel: 0086-027-86796627
 (3)Purchase by mail remittance :
Address: 102, unit. 1 building. 108 Dong Ting Hua Yuan Wuchang Qu , Wuhan , China
Postal code: 430077
Beneficiary's name: Yujian Zhang

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