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Subject: seeking partner
From: T&F Information Exchange (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 18:49:56 CET

T&F Information Exchange (T&F)
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                             Xicheng District, Beijing, China
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Dear Sirs,
      As a direct result of the excellent reputation you enjoy here, we would like to build a cooperative relationship with you.T&F is a senior investigative corporation in China. We are seeking international cooperation with investigative companies abroad.
      If you are in need of data from China, we are available to provide that information on consignment. We are an established authority in the field of research and information gathering in China.
      At the same time, we can also consign investigative missions to you when we need data from your country. In this manner we would hope to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement exchanging needed information on a regular basis.
      Our services include:
      1/ Credit and status investigations, including:
         Registration; corporate history; corporate structure; background of legal person and executives; financial profiles; banking relationships; operating situation; staff; products; facilities; profiles of affiliates; and more.
      2/ professional market research, including:
         Advertising effectiveness; new product market research; and more.
      3/ Investment services:
        Investment feasibility analyses; business partners' credit and status reports; agenting for foreign companies; comprehensive inquiry
services; and more.
      4/ Information protection:
        Inquiries on trademark and patent registration in China; knowledge property protection; trademark investigation in cases of trademark imitation; more.
      5/ Information collection:
        Information about enterprises within China; information collection on policies, laws, current and historical business trends; and open profiles of various enterprises.
      6/ Legal consultation:
        All-around legal consultation services for both enterprises and individuals.
      7/ Criminal record searches.

      T&F has built a large number of stable cooperative relationships with many governmental departments in China. For example, we have made successful arrangements with the Industry & Trade Administrative Bureau of China, China Statistics Bureau, China National Economic Information Center, etc.
     The large investigative network of T&F is made up of many economic specialists and professional investigators.
     We are interested in any opportunity of information exchanging. If our investigative abillities might be of assistance,please contact us.
Awaiting your reply.

We are very apologized for the inconvenience arisen from this letter to you. We will delete your name from our maillist upon requirement. Thank you.


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