[FreeVMS] DCL and paths...

Subject: [FreeVMS] DCL and paths...
From: BERTRAND JoŽl (joel.k.bertrand@free.fr)
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 12:17:17 CET


        I'm working on the call.c of DCL. I don't have any VAX to test it or
reread the help page. I cannot remember how the paths of the executables
is managed... Any help ?

        Roar, I have added the RUN instruction ;-) Thus, it can be used...

Weierstrass:[~/programmes/FreeVMS/freevms/freevms/dcl] > dcl /v
DCL/2 Version 0.00 (Wednesday 12/05/01, 12:09:01 CET)
$ run ls
bash-2.05a builtins_l.d dcl loop.o
bash-2.05a.tar.gz builtins_l.o dcl.c makefile
builtins_c.c builtins_r.c dcl.d parsing.c
builtins_c.d builtins_r.d dcl.h parsing.d
builtins_c.o builtins_r.o dcl.o parsing.o
builtins_d.c builtins_s.c fileutils-4.1 readcommand.c
builtins_d.d builtins_s.d fileutils-4.1.tar.gz readcommand.d
builtins_d.o builtins_s.o init.c readcommand.o
builtins_h.c call.c init.d test
builtins_h.d call.d init.o
builtins_h.o call.o loop.c
builtins_l.c CVS loop.d
$ lo
Weierstrass:[~/programmes/FreeVMS/freevms/freevms/dcl] >

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