[FreeVMS] Subproject status

Subject: [FreeVMS] Subproject status
From: BERTRAND JoŽl (joel.k.bertrand@free.fr)
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 17:22:44 CET


        I would update the official web page. Thus, I would know the exact names
of all contributers and the associated subproject status.

        I have seen that a big work has been made on the kernel. Well done ! The
SRM-like console seems to work on all PC where I can test it. I'm
working on a DCL clone (it is on the CVS tree but still embrionic...),
and I think that I will write all commands as internal commands (I'm
looking for volunteer to rewrite COPY, PURGE, SET... ;-) ).

        I don't know the status of the filesystem. Is it possible to put it on
the CVS tree ? And I don't know if someone works on the libraries.



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