[FreeVMS] Re: Plan

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: Plan
From: BERTRAND JoŽl (joel.k.bertrand@free.fr)
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 11:23:54 CET

roart@nvg.ntnu.no wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 04:45:06PM +0100, BERTRAND JoŽl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working on a roadmap, but... How many volunteers are there ?
>> I propose :
>>1/ Make an announce (http://freshmeat.net/projects/freevms) for the
>>release freevms.0.0.0 (when all copyrighted code will be removed) with a
>>link at ftp://freevms.nvg.org/pub/vms/freevms/freevms.tgz renamed in
>>freevms.0.0.0.tar.gz. Do you agree Roar ? (Sorry, I don't know if Roar
> Maybe 0.000 instead? Maybe we would need more digits?

        Why not ? ;-)

        I think that we should use the Linux version system :
- 1st number : major version number ;
- 2nd number : minor version number (with stable and unstable trees) ;
- 3rd number : patch level.

        What do you think about ?

>>is your first name...) ;
> Yes.
>>2/ Talking about the length field in the descriptors (64-bits integer or
>>16-bits) and memory alignement ;
> Maybe we should start with 16-bits and in time do both?
> (And VMS/AXP itself still has the 16-bits descriptors...
> I expect there are good reasons for it)

        Maybe a compatibility reason...

> It all depends on whether FreeVMS will be 64-bits earlier or later.
> 64-bits support will be some extra work, and we might have our hands
> full with a VMS 5.x-ish system.
> It might be better planning/preparing for 64-bits and most of the other
> post-VMS 5.x features.

        Right. And I suppose that we use a lot of 32 bits stations, so we can
start an only 32 bit version.



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