[FreeVMS] Re: FreeVms : Basic Questions

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: FreeVms : Basic Questions
From: Thierry B. (oulala@chez.com)
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 09:24:23 CEST

Michel Herrscher Consultant wrote:
> Question 1 : Official language of this ML ?
        I think it was (maybe poor) english.

> Question 2 ? Is the goal to implement the totality of VMS ( devices support,
> DCL , File system etc) to be fully compatible using different hardwares
> Pentium, Itanium Alpha and VAX) or just transport the DCL and
> functionalities to other existing OS ( Linux, W32 , OS2 , etc ...) ?
        final goal was a full OS who can run on various processors,
        and you miss one: the PPC. But, imho, a good way to go is
        implementing, when possible, some part of the system on
        others os. I'm thinking about starting with DCL and the fs
        on Linux. With a good layer design, il will be easy to add
        more os-functionnality if we have this two components.

> I have a long time experience with VMS ( since 1979 VMS 1.3 and still going
> on ;) beside other OS .
> I can help in testing or more depending on the subject and the necessary
> time . In any case I'll follow this initiative as one of the best.
        You're welcome.


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