[FreeVMS] Re: gMach or Linux kernel ?

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: gMach or Linux kernel ?
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 13:05:34 CEST

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 12:40:21PM +0200, Magne Mæhre wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>>>> roart@nvg.ntnu.no wrote (2001-10-18 11:44:15):
> >
> > We've got to start somewhere.
> > Starting from scratch is hard.
> My experience is that you need to have something running
> at the earliest possible stage, and make sure the code
> is runnable through the entire project.
> I would, like others, suggest that we start with a Linux (or *BSD)

Probably Linux/PC, since the "most" uses that.
Redhat seems to be what most developers "love"?
Shall we go for 7.x, just to get it over with?
(I am not running 7.x yet, though, but might soon be)
Or at least decide which kernel to patch against? 2.4.x?

> system. The first major goals should be (IMHO) to provide a
> subset of DCL *and* a Files-11/ODS-2 file system. To achieve this,
> I think we should set some minor goals, including subsets of
> LIB$, STR$ and a "proxy-SYS$" (as perhaps a wrapper around the

Some subsets of LIB$ and STR$ are already made.

But exactly who "we"?
You, for instance?
Not everyone here knows the fs nor do even have the fs book.
Will the fs demos be on the kernel-level or in userland (fs on large file)?
(Userland testing might save time on reboots?)

What library bits do we need for certain?

I am going to take a shot at logicals, and think I will do a lot of
the development and testing in userland.
So far I am digging up the structures and variables.

> Linux system calls).

And what if you need new system calls?

Seems the number of parameters in asm-i386/unistd.h goes only to 6
(some VMS system calls has more than 10 parameters).
Anyone who knows how to expand?
(I don't know 386 assembly, and argument expansion is not intuitive as with
some other CPUs)

We may also need to copy spl (IPL) things from FreeBSD, since we need to
"emulate" IPL, even though the PC does not have it.

-Roar Thronæs

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