[FreeVMS] My views on the project

Subject: [FreeVMS] My views on the project
From: Miguel Mendez (flynn1@inicia.es)
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 12:03:05 CEST


I just joined this mail list. I have had thoughts of a free vms
implementation for a time myself, and was glad to see this project. What I
had in mind so far was this:

        1. - Mimic the PROM of a VAX system, implemented as second stage loader.
I've done some parts of this, currently testing it and playing with it. This
probably is not 100% necessary but would give us a consistent boot system
across platforms (i386, PPC, Alpha...)

        2. - Begin with an already existing unix, I thought FreeBSD, but that's coz
I love it, Linux or any other one would do equally well. Implement VMS
services as a kind of 'emulation layer' (Think a mix of WINE and kernel mods

        3. - As time goes morph the kernel and filesystem hierarchy until we get as
close as possible to VMS.

With this system we don't need to start from scratch, we can reuse tested
code, although it will be a lot of work already.

What do you think?

I have one doubt, how does one port gcc to a new architecture for which no C
compiler exists? Anyone have some doc about it?


Miguel Méndez <flynn1@inicia.es>

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