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Subject: From Your Sister
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Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 12:25:06 CEST

                  FROM AMINA ABID
                    BENIN REPUBLIC


   Assalam U Alaikum,

 I am AMINA ABID from BENIN REPUBLIC.I am married to Late
Mallam AMINA ABID of blessed memory who is an oil explorer
in Benin and Kuwait for twelve years before he died in the
year2000.We were married for twelve years without a
child.He died after abrief illness that lasted for only
four days.Before his death we were both devoted
Muslims.Since his death I too have been battling with both
Cancer and fibroid problems. When my late Husband was alive
he deposited the sum of $10.5million (Ten Million, Five
Hundred thousand U.S Dollars) with a Finance Company .
Recently,my doctor told me that I have only six months to
live due to cancer problem. Though what disturbs me most
 is my stroke sickness.Having known my condition I decided
to donate this fund toeither a Muslem organization or
devoted Muslim individual that will utilize this money the
way I am going to instructs herein. I want this Muslim
 organization or individual to use this money in all
sincerity to fund mosques, orphanages, widows,

and also propagating the word of ALLAH and to ensure that
the society upholdsthe views and belief of the Holy Quran.
  The Holy Quran emphasizes so much on ALLAH'S benevolence
and this has encourage me to take the bold step.I took this
decision because I don't have any child that will inherit
this money and my husband relatives are new Christian's
 converts and I don't want a situation where this money
will be used in an Unholy manner.Hence the reasons for this
bold decision. I know that after death I will be with
ALLAH the most beneficent and themost merciful. I don't
  need any telephone communication in this regard because
of my health, because of the presence of my husband's
relatives around me always. I don't want them to know
about this development. With ALLAH all things are
possible. As soon as I receive your reply on Email: I shall give you the contact
information of the Finance Company and the country in
oversea where the money was deposited. I will also issue
a letter of authority to the Finance Company authorizing
them that the said fund Have being willed to you and a
copy of such authorization will be forwarded to you. I
want you and the Muslim community where you reside to
always pray for me. My happiness is that I lived a true
devoted Muslims worthy of emulation. Whoever that wants to
serve ALLAH must serve him in truth and in fairness.

Please always be prayerful all through your life.Any delay
in your reply will give room in sourcing for a Muslim
organization or a devoted Muslim for this same purpose.
Until I hear from you, my dreams will rest squarely on your
shoulders.May theAlmighty ALLAH continue to guide and
protect you.

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