[FreeVMS] Re: New release 0.0.54

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: New release 0.0.54
From: Roger Tucker (roger.tucker@mci.com)
Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 22:42:25 CEST

Any ideas on how to write a prober(), probew() PAL code like routine on I32.
I tried to find a way to do this, but it's somewhat difficult.
I think the only way would be to find the PTE entry for the virtual address
And check the mode.

Also, What are you thoughts about modes.
The I32 only has 2 modes in a flat virtual address space.
Were you thinking of having 4 modes like openVMS - just wondering what your
thoughts were.

Linux rebuilds the kernel for such things as single CPU vs multiple CPUs.
But VMS doesn't. I was trying to finish up the interlocked queue routines
and was wondering.
Shouldn't matter much on performance.

VMS Itanimum has a new SYS$PAL code routines.
Theses jump to kernel and do the same thing as the alpha PAL code routines.

Sorry, I haven't had much time to work on this much...

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