{Spam?} Attention Please; I need your response.

Subject: {Spam?} Attention Please; I need your response.
Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 21:13:25 CEST

From Mr. Alfred Douglas,
Head Audit Department,
Continental Bank,
Cotounu, Benin Republic.
TEL: 00229 28 30 63
Please reply to; mr_alfred_douglas@yahoo.fr

Dear Friend,

Good day and God bless you. It is with deep sence of commitment, faith and
trust that I make this confidential risk free business proposal to you for
your assistance/partnership. I am deeply sorry if I have in any manner disturbe
your privacy.

I am Mr. Alfred Douglas the head of the Audit Department of Continental
Bank in Cotounu Benin Republic. Recently, I and my colleque discovered a
domant account with a huge amount of money valued at USD15.500,000.00 (fifteen
million ,five hundred thousand US dollars) that belongs to one of our numerouse
customers MR.PIERE JOHNSON from Germany who died in a ghastly motor accident
in Cotounu on the 5th of May 2000. During the period of my investigation
I discovered that the deceased left no will and nobody behind to come for
the claim of this fund as his beneficiary. Since then several inquiries
to locate any of MR. PIERE JOHNSON extended relatives have proved unsuccessful,
hence I decided to contact you since the banking law here stipulates that
if such money remain unclaimed for a period of time, it will be forfieted
to the gorvernment treasury as an unclaimed fund which will be expended
on acquiring dangeriouse weaponse for the support of their selfish political
interest and promoting wars and ethnic crises in Africa. I have decided
to contact you to assist me to put up claim for this fund with this bank
as the business partner of MR. PIERE JOHNSON for the claim of the fund.
I want to also bring to your notice that as the Head of the Audit Department
of this bank I have made my underground/homework on this transaction before
contacting you for your assistance. Therefore, what is important is for
you to apply to the bank, so that the bank officials can go through your
application and screen it for their approval for this fund to be paid into
your account.

You might ask what will be the proceedure to achieve this. As soon as I
get your positive response to assist me, I will then send to you the specimen
application which you have to fill and submit to the bank for their approval.
So if this meets your interest then get back to me to enable me send to
you the specimen application and then enlighten you more on this transaction.
I also have in my possetion all the necessary information of the deceased
(MR. PIERE JOHNSON) that will help us successfully accomplish this transaction,
if the bank askes you any of his information. You shall be offered 30% for
your assistance, while 5% shall be set aside for any expences that we might
incure during the transaction.

Futher response shall be giving to you as soon as I recieve your positive
response. Fell free to call me on my private number (229) 28 30 63 for any
question you may wish to ask me.

Anticipating your urgent reply.

Mr. Alfred Douglas
Alternative email; mr_alfred_douglas@yahoo.fr

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