[FreeVMS] New release 0.0.55

Subject: [FreeVMS] New release 0.0.55
From: Roar Thronęs (roart@nvg.ntnu.no)
Date: Wed Aug 04 2004 - 16:43:38 CEST


New release 0.0.55 at
ftp.nvg.ntnu.no:/pub/vms/freevms (freevms-0_0_55.tgz and linker-0_0_45)
(Linker might not change each time)

Make targets and scripts to make build environment and bochs image.
EDT (imported from ozone).
Trying to make the scheduler more conformative to VMS.
Now 3c900 works, and it can be pinged for a while (it has the CMUIP stack).

Bugs fixed:
String-related in ioc$search.
Some bugs in logicals.
Forking with CONFIG_VMS.

New bug:
A sudden reset may happen with non-CONFIG_VMS.

The UML version does still not work.
The CONFIG_VMS 3c900 driver is the only working network driver (eca0).
(3c590 might work, but is untested. NE2K (on Bochs) is not working.)
On CONFIG_VMS, no outgoing TCP/IP is possible unless someone port
the CMUIP clients or makes a wrapper from sockets to $QIO.
Floppy support is gone (did not work with scheduling fixes).
Some scheduling bugs remain (see linux/BUGS).

New librtl stuff?
Otherwise, these recurring lines are moved to TODO.

Roar Thronęs

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