Subject: REPLY ME.
From: joshua d (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 12:31:54 CEST

Mr. Joshua Kingsley Dube
Commissioner St.
Central Jo’burg South Africa
Dear Sir,

My name is Mr. Joshua Kingsley Dube from the Republic of Zimbabwe, the first son of Mr. John T. Dube. It might be a surprise to you as to how I got your contact;however, be informed that your company/person was discovered by me through your country's directory.

During the current war against the farmers in
Zimbabwe, from the supporters of President Robert
Mugabe, in his effort to chase the white farmers out
of the country, He ordered all the white farmers to
surrender their farms to his party members and his

My father was one of the best and successful farmers
in our country then and formerly the finance minister
of Robert Mugabe's Administration, but he did not
support the idea of dispossessing the White farmers of
their land. Because of this, his farm was invaded and
burnt by Government supporters. In the course of the
attack, my father was killed, and the invaders made
away with a lot of items from my father's farm and our
family house was totally destroyed.

My mother almost passed away after a heart attack.
Before the death of my father, he draw to my attention
to the sum of US$8,400,000.00 Million (Eight Million
Four Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only),
which he had deposited with a private Security Company
in South Africa during his tenure as the Finance
minister of Zimbabwe.

My mother, my younger brother and myself decided to
move to South Africa for our own security, for our
lives were in great danger. However the content of the
consignment were stored as important personal valuable
by my father using his diplomatic immunity then as
finance minister.

I decided to contact you (your firm) to assist me and
my family to move the money out of South African
borders into your country. This became necessary after
we were denied every right to run bank accounts or any
other form of financial transaction because of our
present status as political asylum seekers in South

We propose that you shall receive 30% of the entire
amount for your Assistance in moving the money out of
South Africa. 70% of the total fund shall be for me
and my entire family for mutual cooperation and joint
business partnership between you (your firm) and my

I want immediate confirmation of your interest via
e-mail: as soon as I get your response I shall give out more details on how we shall proceed. Kindly keep this proposal strictly and confidential because of our present status here in South Africa.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.
Best regards,

Mr. Joshua Kingsley Dube

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