[FreeVMS] Freevms policies

Subject: [FreeVMS] Freevms policies
Date: Fri Dec 26 2003 - 05:58:48 CET


Just curious what the software policies of the group are. Presumably with
the name "freevms" ... we are talking about "open source"? What license is
used, GPL?

What do we know/not know about DEC's stance towards this? Can they decided
that somehow their intellectual property is being encumbered?

I think a whole lot of their manuals are available to the general public; at
least they were just sitting on the HP web site for a long time. If one
creates software which "works alike" the publically available documentation ... is
there any concern of lawsuit from DEC?

When I say DEC; I mean of course whoever now owns VMS ... can't keep track.
HP? Compaq? Matel? Starbucks coffee? :)


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