From: MRS ELIZABETH MBOWENI (mbowenilizzy@netscape.net)
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 18:05:29 CET

Good day,

I am Mrs. Elizabeth Mboweni, a Zimbabwean and the wife of Chief Samuel Mboweni, a known farmer and the High Chief of Bulawya Town in Zimbabwe. I write on behalf INVESTMENT INQUIRY (strictly confidential). of the Mboweni family, to enquire if you are available and have the facility to assist my family undertakes some capital investment in your country.

It will be necessary to inform you that the funds, nine million five hundred thousand united state dollars (US$9.5M) intended for capitalization of the investments are presently in the custody of a private diplomatic security company which will be made known to you in my next message,we require to transfer this fund to your private account immediately for the said investment purposes.

You may have heard of the present crisis in Zimbabwe orchestrated by the unprecedented land reform act of the government of Robert Mugabe in which his government has arbitrarily reclaimed and acquired all farm lands owned by the white farmers(American Farmers,European Farmers,Asian and Australian Farmers) in the country. The ensuing struggles and strife have brought about the killing and imprisonment of thousands of these white farm owners by the ruthless government forces designated to enforce this new order.

My husband, in his good will and capacity as the High Chief of Bulawya Town, joined the international community in condemning and speaking out against this uncivilized and bizarre policy of Robert Mugabe’s government. As a result of my husbands firm and up right position on this matter, a group of assailants suspected to be government sympathizers attacked and killed my husband in cold blood in September last year. Seeing, that the entire Mboweni family, was in serious threat of extinction, we immediately flied Zimbabwe to the Netherlands where I and my Husband’s brother are now seeking political asylum.

Prior however, to my husbands intimate death, he had, sensing the rising hostilities of the government of Robert Mugabe, sold all his farm lands including those of his white farmer associates who had transferred ownership of their farm lands to my husband to forestall the government acquiring them. Unfortunately, these white farmer associates of my husband have also been assassinated in the crisis. My husband secretly sent the proceeds (US$9.5M) from sales of the farm lands and funds meant for machineries in improving farming in zimbabwe to the diplomatic security company in South Africa for onward transfer to their affiliate office in the Netherlands and had deposited the sum in a security safety box and declared it as family valuables to the security company to avoid much dummurage charges. The ownership of this depository is now transferred to my name, as my two sons were assasinated (shot) right in front of my husband before he was finally killed in cold blood.

Having seen your contact information from internet online directory, we
now contacted you for immediate assistance in lifting the funds out of the security company, for the said investments.It will interest you to note that we have this while articulated the needful arrangement through which the
transfer will be affected. My family (my daughter and I)will be willing to offer you 10% of the money and 2% regarding any expences incurred by you during the process of this transaction. Kindly contact me on my e-mail:mbowenilizzy@netscape.net on receipt of this letter for execution
details and other necessary discussion.Please all necessary documentations regarding this project are in my possession and I shall make it available on receipt of your genuine assistance to my family.also we must adhere to the confidenciality about this project,This precaution must be taken because of serious security watch on me and my poor health condition.Mainwhile, my dauther will work with my instruction until we succeed.In anticipation of your trusted
and Godly genuine assistance I remain.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs.Elizabeth Mboweni

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