[FreeVMS] Re: Linker

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: Linker
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 12:12:51 CET

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 11:54:11AM +0100, BERTRAND JoŽl wrote:
> roart@nvg.ntnu.no wrote:
> > Binutils has no such support, but it might be modified to have.
> > Development platform will be VMS, because FreeVMS has no image support.
> I'm not sure that I understand. You look for a linker that runs under
> VMS to build executables for FreeVMS ?

A linker is implemented in userland, and the one(s) doing it might be a bit
reluctant to do kernel image support.
It might need to be built on VMS to see if it works, next step would
be using it on i386.

Roar Thronśs

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