[FreeVMS] New release 0.0.33

Subject: [FreeVMS] New release 0.0.33
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 12:11:37 CEST


New release 0.0.33 at
ftp.nvg.ntnu.no:/pub/vms/freevms (freevms-0_0_33.tgz)

The uml-patch-2.4.18-11 is now downloadable from the same place.
The vfs ods2 support is now a little usable: ls on root-dir works,
size partly works (date is not working).
Have started on proper VMS Memory Management, and at first aim for a minimal
subset that can replace Linux MM. Do not expect to see anything useful
this year, but maybe next year, or more probably some later year,
unless more people join.

Fixed major bugs:
Crashes due to ipl-setting in uml. (Had to do this ipl-setting due to
early clusterstuff, but now the clusterstuff is implemented a better
way. Have merely reverted back to how it was before clustring)

Use vfs Unix mount with -t ods2.
Seems the vfs ods2 stuff from Linux 2.0 only was usable for listing
directories, support for reading files was not there.
I will not do much with vfs ods2 for some while. I will rather prioritize
the RMS/XQP stuff, and maybe look at implementing a QIO interface to vfs.
Is there someone who wants to develop the vfs ods2 support further?
Is there someone who wants to look at a QIO interface to vfs root?

Roar Thronæs

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