[FreeVMS] New release 0.0.25

Subject: [FreeVMS] New release 0.0.25
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 15:31:17 CEST


New release 0.0.25 at
ftp.nvg.ntnu.no:/pub/vms/freevms (freevms-0_0_25.tgz)

New features:
RMS readonly (partly).
(It may also have write features, but that seems discouraged)

Have been able to read directories and type out a file.

Other use-info (will also be in the upcoming dir/src/doc-file):
The directory utility contains a lot of commands, including
directory, copy, mount, diff, search, type.
Just do a cp directory to whatever of the other utilities, like
cp directory mount.

Make sure . is first in PATH, and stand in the same dir as the binaries.

Do "mount ods2image" (or ods2image2)
Now directory etc can be used like "directory ods2image2:".

Other info:
By reading the source

Done so far is mostly doing what is necessary for making it work in the
Next up will be getting it to use fully standard structures and kernel
Sometime the border between RMS and filesystems will be found.
A bit later on, do the interfacing:
        RMS -Virtual QIO-> F11BXQP -Logical QIO-> I/O System Services etc.

It seems prescript got something linked in the wrong path.
(Didn't anybody notice?)

Roar Thronśs

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