[FreeVMS] Re: Announcing the VNIX project

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: Announcing the VNIX project
From: Harold L Hunt (huntharo@msu.edu)
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 16:08:46 CEST


> Maybe we should coordinate in more detail, so we do not end up doing
> double-work by doing the same things in parallell?
> I do not know how well you have read the archives, but two have started(?)
> on LBR and CLI libraries (and lib$signal is based on MSG, which again
> is based on LBR (or so I think))

Certainly. The main point of VNIX, for now, is just to provide a replacement
for a select few of the LIB$ and STR$ functions. No plans exist for making a
CLI replacement, as one is not needed for the project that I am porting.
However, another contributor may find a CLI beneificial at a later date and
could add one to VNIX. Also, I'll keep an eye on the FreeVMS CLI code and
see if it is something that could be very easily added to VNIX, in which case
I will add it myself.

> How is the nature of the Fortran programs; how much of code which is
> foreign/noncompiling on Tru64 is of the type which require no VMS
> functionaly, like LIB$FFS LIB$FREE_VM etc?

Luckily most of the routines in the Fortran program that I am porting are not
dependent on VMS, such as STR$COMPARE, LIB$FFS, etc. However, a few of the
required functions are going to require a lot more work and internal data
structures, such as SYS$GETDVI, SYS$WAITFR, SYS$QIO, and SYS$SETAST.

> What are you going to do with $assign, $enq, $qio etc?

These aren't essential for the project I am porting, but $qio would be very
nice to have, as I could then provide an additional file io method that the
program uses (rather than leaving that functionality out, as is the current

That's it for now,


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