[FreeVMS] How to develop

Subject: [FreeVMS] How to develop
From: David Wijnants (dwijnants@askalix.com)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 15:54:53 CET

I wrote cvt$convert_float just over a year ago when I still had access
to lots of VMS systems in my previous job, but very much with
portability to Linux and NT in mind; and I seem to remember it worked on
all three at the time.

What approach would you suggest to developing for FreeVMS ? Compile and
test on Linux ? Do you tend to compile and run things on real VMS as
well ?

I think I could write some str$ routines (although I must admit, I've
always used the C functions on VMS). Without access to 'the real thing',
would I be able to verify things properly ?


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