[FreeVMS] Re: source structure

Subject: [FreeVMS] Re: source structure
From: BERTRAND JoŽl (joel.k.bertrand@free.fr)
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 14:46:10 CET

roart@nvg.ntnu.no wrote:

> Hi
> I have had some more experiences regarding source structure.
> I am using a work space directory freevms/linux with the files I have
> changed. They will stay there until they are more finished and be moved
> to their appropiate directories.
> Just run the prescript in the linux directory
> (It copies and links in the changes)
> The current sources are 2.4.14 patched.
> The kernel does not currently compile clean, but that may be another matter.
> Just remove deactivate_page lines in drivers/block/loop.c)

        Is your modifications available by CVS or ftp ?

        On the kernel mailing list, Linus has said that deactivate_page(page) can
be replaced by lru_cache_del(page);



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